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A practical guide to preheader

I stumbled on this interesting post and gave it a try. It does work fine a s mentioned and fails in lotus notes 6.5 and 7. But on my side I can't make it work in outlook 07 and 2010 where the copy is showing anyway.

I'd like to test this trick to keep the preheader preview in the subject pane. I'm not really bothered if the copy show in lotus notes, but it makes the new design that I'm coding looks crap.

To remove it from outlook 07 and 2010 i had to resort to conditional comments to hide it completely:

  <!--[if !mso 9]><!-->
  <table style="display: none !important" bgcolor="#000000" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="590">

  <!-- <![endif]-->

But then outlook user will loose it for good.

So has anybody tried this and had problems as well?



Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

Hi Yannick, I noticed that you're placing the preheader in a table tag rather than just in the body tag. Is there a reason for that?

The 'display' property doesn't work in Outlook 07/10 as you can see in our CSS support guide, so that's why it's not working for you when you are using the preheader text in a table tag.

If you are still having trouble, send an email in to support and we might be able to give you some more tips.

Campaign Monitor
zapatoche, 5 years ago

Hi Carissa, hope you had a nice easter.

I placed the pre-header in a table tag to format it. the table is placed just after the body tag.
I tried with the span tag as well but it still shows in outlook 07/10. The post on the campaign monitor blog seemed to suggest that it is showing only in Lotus Notes 6.5/7.

I might have misunderstood the all thing then.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi zapatoche, you might want to try...

<span style="display: none !important; font-size: 1px; color: #FFF;"> ...your preheader text here... </span>.

Hopefully that will hide, or at least minimize the preheader text in all clients except Lotus Notes. We've had reports that display: none !important; actually works in Gmail, so let us know how you go :)

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