Leadership Management Australia

This two-column newsletter from Leadership Management Australia is a great example of organising a lot of content and creating a consistent structure which maintains readability.

The large headings and use of colour make it easy to identify new sections and links in the content area, while the sidebar is similarly structured making it easy to identify the various sections and headings.

Another nice feature is that for the most part this e-mail is still easy to read with images turned off, despite the fact that a lot of images have been used in the header.

Designed by Newism
Posted by Blake Haswell

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1 Comment

  • Robert Gallup
    17th September

    Thank you for the kind words.  We’re extremely pleased with our new newsletter - in design, content, and performance.

    I would like to sincerely thank the outstanding design/development team at Newism, (especially Wayde and Anthony), and the tireless efforts of our in-house developer from X-team, Wei Feng.  Thanks guys!  You did an awesome job!

    With appreciation,


    Marketing Manager

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