Rancho Cortez

Here’s a beautifully example of how to give a design a certain vibe, without going overboard. The header, and the images used throughout, is just enough to pull off the dude ranch style. The simple and classy type and layout perfectly complement those elements, and makes for a great reading experience.

The circular Forward to a Friend and Unsubscribe links also look excellent (give me an “Unsubscribe” branding iron, please!), but we’d suggest adding those as text based links as well, for recipients reading the newsletter with images disabled.

Designed by Digett
Posted by Stig Morten Myre

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  • Rob Lincolne
    30th June

    That’s a well done email. It’s brought some depth and texture to it in a way that will work with the coding restraints of HTML email and clear headings to draw the reader’s eye down – appreciated!

  • Zachary Beggs
    1st July

    Thanks, Rob, and many thanks to Campaign Monitor for highlighting our work for Rancho Cortez. They’ve been pleased with the template and service and couldn’t be happier about the recognition.

    Y’all keep up the good work.

  • elif
    12th September

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