This email campaign about scheduled downtime for IntuitionHQ has a tasty color palette and is pleasing to look at, but it's extremely well built too. Let me explain…

Many email clients won't load images by default, but instead of blank boxes being displayed, this email serves up nicely formatted alt text instead. It replaces the company logo, the email's main heading and more, but most importantly means that none of the recipients will miss out on any important text if their images do not load. If you're interested in how alt text displays in a variety of email clients, check out this recent blog post.

Additionally, we all know how unreliable background images can be, so it's good to see a design that uses them for decoration, but doesn't necessarily depend on them nor lose much impact if they are omitted.

I also quite liked the small pale yellow banner at the top of the campaign that neatly groups together a bunch of links including the unsubscribe, preferences, webversion and more. The design, combined with the position at the top of the email, makes the links easy for the recipient to find and separates them from the campaign's main message.

Designed by Boost New Media
Posted by Jarrod Taylor

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1 Comment

  • Jacob Creech
    17th December

    Thanks very much for sharing this, and very glad to hear you liked the design.

    We’ve had a few comments on the colour scheme, and most people really like the fact we’ve gone away from traditional colours and come up with a slightly more interesting design.

    You are very right about the amount of email clients/people who don’t/won’t display images, and so making sure your email will work whatever way people want to access it is pretty important.

    Thanks very much for sharing.

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