Simple and elegant would describe this campaign by a small, but rising application development agency called, Hochsaison. The first thing we noticed was the very nice use of varying typography throughout. This gives the content some texture as well as defines the separation between the blocks of text. A modest background image creates a familiar association with their website, yet does not overpower the content, itself.

The design holds up well in most areas in the event images are blocked, too. The format and text is nearly unchanged, however, the "contact" and "unsubscribe" buttons at the bottom disappear. To be sure these links show up in all cases, we'd offer the suggestion to make these links text as the others in the content. Overall, this is a strong design and we look forward to seeing more from Hochsaison in the future!

Designed by Hochsaison
Posted by Jason De Santis

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  • Elliot Ross
    18th January

    great typography - is the title text image or web text? the design overall is really effective

  • Philip
    19th January

    Nice design but how does the background image hold up in Outlook 2007?

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    19th January

    Elliot - The title is all text. Click on the design to check it out :)
    Philip - The background image probably doesn’t hold up, but that’s fine - the grey text on white background still looks good and the message isn’t missed.

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