The Belgium design firm known as Cowboys and Indians has another company called Appstrakt, which they've created this clever campaign for. Appstrakt develops applications on a variety of platforms - not just mobile, either. You can get a sense of their multi-faceted design/code skills by viewing this campaign for email and then taking a look at the matching website (and BTW, they're looking for developers).

Each app is uniquely tailored to its specific platform, but when versions exist for a variety of devices, each version still maintains a similar look and feel. In a similar manner, this email design replicates the finer details from their website, such as the background textures, but uses web text where possible - especially helpful is the headline at the top. The campaign fits snugly in an email client, but also stretches horizontally for the webversion, making it look like a website when viewed in a browser. Also take note of the language selection links, for accommodating Dutch/Belgian subscribers.

Finally, we'd advise against using a URL in link text, but overall this is an A+ campaign.

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  • Tom Vroemans
    13th April

    Thank you guys! Highly appreciated! Cheers, t

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