New Forest Cookery School

This bright and bold newsletter for the New Forest Cookery School by Carswell Gould is worth a look. We were glad to see a very specific permission reminder in the content of the newsletter which makes it clear how the subscribers joined the list. Be sure to also check out the clear calls to action ("Book your course today") that give the readers an obvious next step.

Too many emails look great, but peter out without direction. By spelling it out you can expect to see better click through rates. Great job!

Designed by Carswell Gould
Posted by Mathew Patterson

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  • Alan Sealey
    3rd June

    Heh, what’s cooking, Ed? Looks a cool site….send my best wishes to Gill and the rest of the team.

  • Ed Gould
    3rd June

    Thanks for the feature and your comments!

    With this one I tried to create something that friendly, simple and fun. I aims to create a clan, almost a club of interested subscribers which felt they belonged to.

    We always try and make it worthwhile to be on our clients subscriber lists rather than just pushing news.  This template let’s users get faster access to last min deals on courses and all subscriber are entered into a quarterly draw for a free course too.

    We really pushed the easy peasy pass to a friend feature (which has grown the list’s well over time). There are two point to get to this.

    We also highlight the social media channels at the base (this was made pre your new social share functions - we will add theses soon).  The reason we have them so large is that between Facebook, twitter and this email all their communication tools needed to fill the courses are catered for (get it, catered).

    The Facebook page promotes and has a form to sign up to for the emails )which has grown the list). They don’t have a good website so this it a real purchase driver and positioning tool.

    The client runs it themselves and the big friendly disclaimer was key to ensuring we maintain click rates (my number one guide to success).

    Ed Gould
    twitter = marcommcreative

  • Ed Gould
    3rd June

    Hi Alan - thanks for the comment and hope your good too - if you want some great e marketing templates we are still here : )

  • Laura Downton
    3rd June

    Wow, great recognition for the Carswell Gould design team! I like the Facebook landing page for New Forest Cookery School too.

  • Lisa Barry
    3rd June

    Good work Carswell Gould!

  • FranZz
    4th June

    Cool design Mr Patterson ;)

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