The guys at WooThemes have made a bold move with this design for their new WooJobs newsletter. The layout uses div elements rather than tables, which we don't normally recommend due to the lack of support in email clients, but for simple single-column layouts like this they can work just fine.

The CSS3 rounded corners, box and text shadows are a nice touch for those who can view them and subtle enough that it doesn't affect the design for those who can't. With a flexible, fluid width and mobile-specific CSS, the design fits snugly in any desktop or mobile email client. This is a campaign worthy of what designers and developers have come to expect from WooThemes.

Don't miss their new WooJobs job board to advertise your own skills.

Designed by WooThemes
Posted by Carissa Phillips

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  • Ryan
    28th June

    Thanks for showing off our fancy single-column style. Hopefully email will catch up with the rest of the web someday! ;)

  • Brendon
    29th June

    I agree Ryan, that would be super awesome if email did and soon lol ... !

  • Gracelynn
    11th July

    A munite saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

  • Kate
    27th July

    It’s a pity that the WooThemes newsletter, which design is equally nice doesn’t work at all in Outlook 2010 and each time I receive one I have to view the online version. It looks so bad I even emailed WooThemes to bring it to their attention, yet received a vague response and no action was taken since (August 2010).

    Do we really want to feature designers who are only partially spreading good practice??

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