This invitation to curious’ launch party looks most inviting indeed. With its soft and friendly color scheme, and semi-casual typography, this design exemplifies the beauty of simplicity.

As always, we’d advise being careful with using URLs as link text, as this can disrupt the harmony by triggering nasty phishing warnings in the email client.

Designed by curious
Posted by Stig Morten Myre

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  • Leanne Johnson
    1st July

    It’s lovely to see something so simple and clean - but unmistakably on brand. Lovely work!

  • Marie Dunne
    2nd July

    Thanks for featuring us guys and thanks for the kind words Leanne!

  • Michael
    4th July

    Nice logo - I like that the cogs are also reflected in the ribbon cutout. Great continuity.

  • Dan
    4th July

    Great example of KISS - Keep It Short and Simple :)

  • Hugo Welke
    5th July

    Well done guys! Looks really good!

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