Fantastical looking announcement template from Rogie King for Flexibits. For starters, it's really simple, lightweight and pleasing to the eye, with clever CSS flourishes like the page curl in the bottom right corner.

I would suggest that the unsubscribe text in the footer use a darker, more contrasting colour, just to stand out a bit more. As an announcement, it could have also benefited from the addition of Twitter and Facebook social sharing links to help spread the word.

Designed by Rogie King
Posted by Greg Strutton

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  • Mark Pieszak
    14th July

    Great design! Love it. Only thing with me is the background images. I thought most email clients don’t accept background images for anything?

  • Stephen
    20th July

    I guess they see their main target audience as Mac Users (given the product), so presume that most of them will be using Apple Mail, rather than Outlook 2007 / 2010 (the two main culprits for not supporting background images).

    However, I do tend to agree. They could build a near identical design without the need for background images.

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