Tonic Connective

Whilst introducing a recent brand makeover as well as keeping their fans abreast of their work, the Sydney-based design agency, Tonic Connective, has turned out this purposeful, yet stylish campaign. Immediately nabbing our attention are the sleek, crisp lines and sharp images that turn out to be a common quality of Tonic's excellent work. The monochromatic palette allows the images to pop off the gray background as well as create contrast, for the buttons and the typography. All in all, a very well put together piece.

Some suggestions we'd offer would be directed towards the use of images for the section titles as well as the header image. The illustrative header, though nicely constructed, is unfortunately an image map. Though widely used, image maps in HTML emails are not recommended as image blocking in email clients is still common. As you can see, if images are blocked, the sections titles, buttons, and header image, would disappear. With a little more use of text amongst those elements, Tonic Connective could tighten up what's already a solid design.

Designed by Tonic Connective
Posted by Jason De Santis

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  • Ivan Walsh
    23rd August


    when you say images are blocked by ISPs etc.

    Any idea what percentage do this?


  • Ros Hodgekiss
    24th August

    HI Ivan, to clarify, images are blocked not by ISPs, but the individual email clients themselves. It’s hard to say exactly what percentage of email clients do this (as we can’t get stats from email clients that don’t load images), however it is known that many do this by default.

  • Chris Stonestreet
    24th August

    Just noticed the second image down seems to have a broken link. instead of

  • Smarty
    18th November

    Cool design!

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