How can it be? Is this really a video embedded in an email?

I can’t blame you for thinking so after viewing this email announcement by Graphite. Upon receiving it in my inbox, I instinctively clicked on the video controls to see if they worked, only to be linked through to a landing page featuring the video. It was a bit of a “gotcha!” moment - admittedly, a very effective one at that.

Unlike a lot of the campaigns in this gallery, I selected this one not on artistic or technical merit, but because it demonstrates how a single, familiar visual element can drive engagement. The Graphite team knew that they couldn’t actually get the video to display in many email clients, so decided to focus on an approach that would not only prompt their subscribers to click through, but provide a result that wouldn’t leave them feeling tricked. Personally, I feel this design achieved just that.

Not wanting to base this critique on my single experience, I got in touch with Andy Rosenthal at Graphite to find out how this campaign fared. From Andy:

“46% of recipients opened the email and from this group, 41% clicked through on the send day. We’ll probably see an additional 10% on both figures through the week. More importantly however, is the high number of replies we received and new business dialogues it opened.”

That’s a solid result from what’s been a highly-instructive email. If I were to offer any design advice, it would be to feature a little more copy on what the video has to offer, as well as a text-link for the benefit of email clients that have images turned off by default.

Download the template

If this campaign looks a little bit familiar, it’s because it’s an adaptation of our ‘Widgets Monthly’ template. Featuring our new template tags and mobile-optimized code, it’s not only a flexible starting point for any campaign, but a sure-fire way to learn how you can make the most of our editor. As Andy explained:

“We hadn’t had the opportunity to design a new layout from scratch that took advantage of the new template editor, and so I literally re-worked a couple of the code samples you guys had posted as a means of learning how to best take advantage of the new features (which are amazing by the way).”

To download this template and select from 100+ more, visit our Template Gallery.

Designed by Graphite
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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  • Rhys Harry
    26th August

    In our experience, having a youtubesque, white play button on an image thumbnail sends clicks rates soaring, about 20-30% higher. Obviously you can’t overdo it otherwise subscribers would soon get tired of it. Used sporadically & saved for interesting video on you site or blog it’s very useful.

  • Caroline
    1st October

    Well maacdamia nuts, how about that.

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