Limes Farm

The pleasant, but unorthodox colour scheme in this campaign by Wet Dog Creative immediately captured my attention. The light, natural turquoise is not the color you would oridinarily associate with most farms, but it works a charm for Limes Farm.

The strong branding, and the design of the email itself makes it great to look at and read. There's plenty of information and many design elements scattered throughout, with my favorite being either the grass motif content dividers, or the cute, subtle farm icons in the background of the header.

Designed by Wetdog Creative
Posted by Jarrod Taylor

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1 Comment

  • Jenny
    23rd March

    I was wondering if you tested this email across all the email clients to see how it was delivered? you are using a lot of techniques that don’t always work. I think it is a BEAUTIFUL email, I am just involved in email standards for our company and keep running into the constant challenge of design vs. technical.

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