This campaign by Joseph Szala at Vigor just goes to show that they're definitely in-'vigor'-ated by nature, as well as by name. Just like the noun their company is named after, this campaign is full of energy, enthusiasm and intensity.

For 'starters' (they're a restaurant branding consultancy - see what I did there?) I love their use of bold, vibrant images and social media icons, which really stand out against the subtle grey background. They've also managed to infuse lots of personality: the 'Wanna see the pretty pictures?' web version link and cheeky permission reminder at the base of the campaign are specific, yet playful. It all goes to show that you can still have a little fun with your links, while maintaining all-important functionality.

While their use of contrasting images should be admired, their inclusion of actual styled text within the campaign is just as impressive. Rather than be lazy and incorporate their masthead and volume / issue numbers into a single banner image, they've taken the time to slice and code them up inside a dedicated table, ensuring that the text you can see remains as actual, highlightable, readable text, rather than as part of an image or alt text. This certainly helps to keep image sizes down while maintaining readability.

Designed by Vigor
Posted by Stephen Jesson

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  • Joseph Szala
    15th September

    Thanks so much for the feature! Really pumped about the response it’s been getting and with a service like CM, can you really go wrong?

  • Michael Waltemeyer
    15th September

    Joe is top-notch and has helped me many times with converting thoughts and ideas into reality. He understands the web and marketing and how they work together to sell a product or idea. It is very fitting you wrote about his company.

  • Olly
    14th January

    Absolutely love it! only problem is that I am new to this and not sure how (or if) I can use it.

    Anyone keen in giving an explanation “for dummies”!?!


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