Whilst this campaign for Statusboard by Supersteil is image heavy, it's still a pretty effective campaign. The most important detail, being the date and time of an upcoming maintenance period, are still set out in text, so any email clients with the images disabled will still display this important information. I really like the idea of the letter within the envelope, it's really clever thinking - click on the preview above to see it in all its glory.

A couple of points that I would recommend:

  • The text in the footer should really be a lighter colour to have more contrast with the background colour. Which includes the important unsubscribe link!
  • The white background colour of the main text area doesn't quite match the images above and below it. Adding a background colour that is a close match or a background image would have just completed this.

That said, it's still a great looking and fun template for such an announcement.

Designed by Supersteil
Posted by Greg Strutton

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  • Mark White
    15th December

    I think the color difference on the white of the letter was intentional to give the effect of a folded letter that would fit in the envelope.

  • VeillRawnrali
    29th January

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