Atlas Travel

Perfect for those ready to set out to explore the world, we’re sure that the nomad newsletter by Atlas Travel is a most welcome addition to its subscribers’ inboxes.

I quite liked the header area, not too crowded and just the right amount of information for readers to become familiar with the sender without needing to scroll down. Another aspect that gets the nod is the distinct division of articles. Simple but effective, the warm grey blocks assist the photographs in really standing out.

Lastly, the alternative sections such as the giveaway and start packing areas are pleasant to look at, with their textured feel, however for the giveaway, text would have made for a better reading experience instead of an image that won’t always load by default. Overall, a great design by the team at Rocketspark.

Designed by Rocketspark
Posted by Jarrod Taylor

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  • ??????
    2nd April

    Beauty and simplicity ... the best combination for me!

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