Gallery Up

We’ve enjoyed several of the Gallery Up emails by Social Design House that have come through our system, but this one really grabbed our attention, so we had to share. I love the bold, three color design, that fantastic header, and the clear call to actions.

One suggestion I have for the design; this layout is perfect for use of the @media query to resize it for mobile.

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  • FranZz
    18th February


  • Dianelis
    26th February

    Bloody hell, Woz. Good work, they are all eoepctixnal.I like 1 best.  It’s loud, big and striking, and also works better as a visual pun, just cos the word IT is more prominent. Number 1 for president!Number 1 for New Sky Sports anchor!Number 1 is number one in my book!X

  • Astralis
    7th March

    Simple is as simple does.

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