Different Projects

This is one of those emails where the first thing I thought was “I wish I’d designed that.” I’m a big fan of bringing the opening paragraph right up to the top along with the branding. It’s clear who the email is from, but Different Projects displays some humility and immediately delivers what’s important to the recipients.

My favorite part? Look at the fun way the text boxes overlap and interact with the images, all accomplished with clever, email-friendly tables. Lots of white space, clean, consistently branded with their website, all around a fine fine job.

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1 Comment

  • Purchase Digital / email marketing
    20th December

    Without sounding ridiculous, I really like those chairs. Used to have one, and they are awesome.

    On the more serious note, nice email: love the large heading smack back in the middle of the email. If you don’t instantly know what this one’s about then there’s something wrong with you.

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