Here's an email from DesignKarma that I would have loved to see in my inbox for Christmas. What's not to love about the super simple layout and color scheme? Turquoise and black are a great pairing.

What might not be immediately obvious, though, is that this is a fluid layout, as opposed to the fixed layouts that make up 99.9% of email. Even the width of the images in the campaign expand/contract so that the layout fits the window, and it'll shrink nicely to fit smaller (read mobile) screens. This won't work for everyone, but it's fun to see when it does. Try it now! Click the screenshot above and then resize your browser window.

Designed by DesignKarma
Posted by Carissa Phillips

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  • Mustafa
    12th May

    hope to visit this wonderful place soamdey..thanks for sharing the photos I may not have the chance to do it now but your photos gave me a tour already!hugs..

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