When it comes to catching up with your clients (or posting 'new' designs to our gallery, for that matter), it's better late than never. This is the case of this new year 2012 newsletter from design house, Supply - after all, great work takes time. TIme that's been well spent, by the look of the crisp layout and typography featured in this newsletter.

The textured, parchment-like background mixed with the earthy tone of the content as well as the blast of color from the images really give this newsletter a strong presence. View the email without images and the layout retains its super-sharp lines. The important links are purposely displayed at the top of the campaign for ease of use and for good measure... And in the footer for a bit of comedy, by the sound of their 'Legal Shiznizel' unsubscribe link. Overall, a job nicely done!

Designed by Supply
Posted by Jason De Santis

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  • Chris
    18th June

    This looks good and the simple layout makes it works well.

    Did anyone spot the typo in the first paragraph? (projetcs). Spell check can often be a problem with online tools!

  • Ken
    18th June

    There are spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes all over this email.

  • Colin Scroggins
    19th June

    The link to Supply in the article section is broken.

  • David Greiner
    19th June

    Thanks for the heads up about the broken link Colin, that’s been fixed.

  • Alex Ilhan
    19th June

    Honestly, I think this was a bad choice of email to feature. Usually you guys are bang on but I feel this one is lacking.

    First and definitely foremost, using a background image within the table to set the background is a big no-no. As we know, it won’t work in Outlook 2007 & 2010. We can see at the top they’ve put in a “Using Outlook 2007 or 2010? View this email in a web browser” link to combat that but adding another user journey in just to view the email in all it’s glory isn’t the best.

    Another point is the one raised above about the spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes throughout the email, If anything, this email is a great advert for having a colleague proof-read your emails before you send it out.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Stig Morten Myre
    19th June

    Thanks for your thoughts on this Alex. Regarding the background image, I did just want to mention that this campaign uses a bit of VML to get the background image to work in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

    It also has the background color #DDD2C1 as a fallback, which means the email will look almost the same (sans the texture) if the background image doesn’t load. We do like to feature campaigns where the designer has gone to these lengths to get the best possible rendering across the many different email clients.

    You also make an interesting point about the “Using Outlook 2007 or 2010?” text. One approach to consider, is to hide this from other email clients, using conditional comments.

  • Alex Ilhan
    19th June

    Thanks for the reply Stig (awesome name, by the way!)

    I can only call what I see and, because I create emails all day every day, I judge off a usability point of view.

    My experience with the VML hack has been…fun..shall we say? Really varied results and I’d not feel brave enough to use it in a live campaign.

    I can understand the efforts the designer has gone to in the creation of this. (I wish she/he took the extra 5 seconds to proof read it for typos)


  • Adam Huxtable
    20th June

    Just noticed the link at the top ‘Using Outlook 2007 or 2010? View this email in a web browser’. Didn’t this get fixed with the following hack -

  • Stephanie Hagadorn
    23rd June

    Noticed the webfont. Has there been any improvement in client support or are you just enhancing for “view in browser” users?

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