The Turtle Conservancy

Hello, my name is Davida and I like Courier. I’ve always liked it, sometimes secretly, like when my colleagues would be bashing it’s name loudly from the desk next over. But I’ve always loved the way it gives a typewriter feel and when combined with the visual metaphor of paper, although commonly used, I really do think works well. 

Adding to this design by The Turtle Conservancy are pleasing textures and adorable photos. The designers make nice use of white space to separate out the articles which helps bring attention to the ‘Read More’ link on the shortened articles.  Generally, I would recommend against such a long email, but with such a specialized topic I’d be willing to bet that this audience is very engaged and would be happy to receive a lot of information on a topic dear to their hearts.

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  • Sanford
    30th April

    very cool! clean and stylish layout

  • Fashion Women
    7th May

    Nice work, I just wanted to say on that occasion is that slow and steady wins the race.

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