Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Being a Brit and coming from a previously BSE infected country, I'm sadly not able to give blood in Australia, which is a shame, as table tennis and FIFA 12 skills surge through my pale, pale veins, all of which would obviously be bestowed upon any lucky donor.

Seriously though, if I could give blood, I certainly would, as the Australian Red Cross Blood Service do a wonderful job and help save thousands of lives each year, and I'd be even keener to donate after receiving such an inviting email in my Inbox.

As with everything the Australian Red Cross do, their branding is strong and vibrant, and their message is clear. Aside from the great use of whitespace and the impeccable tables-based design, I also love how their prominent "It's been one year since your last blood donation" heading also acts as a quasi permission reminder: It's clear why you're receiving this email and it serves as the perfect segue into the content and information below.

As mentioned, not only have they coded this using a purely tables-based approach, but looking under the hood, they've also included the all-important img display:block CSS, which ensures email clients such as Gmail don't add unwanted margin / spacing to your images.

Subtle address details, links and social media functionality serve to round off this crisp campaign, and while their unsubscribe link has been added as an image, they have included title and alt text on the image to ensure it's still readable, even when images are disabled.

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1 Comment

  • Chris W
    13th July

    Great to see the strong branding throughout this email. The simple use of colour is very effective and the whole thing is not image heavy to create the impact.

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