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Designed by Zoheb Raza
Posted by Greg Strutton

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  • John
    17th July

    Why highlight this design? Roz et al. used to provide at least a bit of context and the reason why a particular design was selected. Is this one column design a good example of some bit of coding, or just a pretty example? To those of us who are learning, stating the reason why something got included in the gallery is just as a important as having the gallery.

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    18th July

    Hey there John, as part of the recent redesign, we made it optional for our team to provide email design critiques. In this case, the navigation as text links, one-column layout and persuasive copy made it a strong contender.

    I’ll be sure to pass on your comments about the critiques. While it’s a little extra work for our team, if you and others find it to be useful and insightful, we may consider bringing them back.

    Thanks, John! I hope you still keep finding our gallery to be valuable :)

  • Kate Payton
    18th July

    Just want to pipe in and say that I agree with John - I did enjoy reading *why* the design was picked :)

    Loving the redesign of the site - keep up the awesome work guys! <3

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