Pencil Case

This perky email from Pencil Case by Inkreaser has it all - web fonts, a responsive layout, Retina-optimized images, an instructive animated GIF and best of all, good news! In fact, it’s likely that we’ll recommend our customers take a look at this campaign when applying these optimizations to their own campaigns. As this is an email for a service that recommends resources to designers, it’s funny that we’re recommending this as a resource. How very meta.

Overall, this is a technically and aesthetically brilliant campaign, for a service that well, we’re pretty partial towards, too. Two thumbs up!

Designed by Ed Williams
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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1 Comment

  • Edward Williams
    7th May

    Thank you for featuring this design. It’s great to see it in the Campaign Monitor gallery, especially as Campaign Monitor’s resources where a key reference point when building the newsletter. I’d looked at the recipient statistics for our previous campaigns and knew that our audience and their devices/clients required us to tick two boxes; it had to be responsive and it had to be Retina/Hi-DPI optimised. I learned more about responsive emails from your guide entitled ‘Responsive Email Design’ (, and I also read your tips on ‘Using web fonts in email’ ( and decided to use web fonts in email for my first time. Your resources are so comprehensive that there’s really no reason why anyone can’t push their emails to the limits.

    The animated GIF seemed like the perfect way for us to bring the email to life and the best way to demonstrate a new feature - something we knew the GIF would do reliably after checking out the support by reading ‘Animated GIFs in Email’ ( The animated GIF has had an unexpectedly positive response and has perhaps been generally underrated and overlooked - perhaps we’ll be using/seeing more of them in the future!

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