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Teaming up together to bring us this sassy email newsletter are two of design’s good guys - the team at Cog Design and Brian Thies. If the latter sounds familiar to you, it’s because we featured him in our blog the other week - and the tributes to his code mastery haven’t stopped flowing in.

There are lots of great things to say about Cog’s handiwork, too - the copy is so personable and the images simply pop. It’s a beautiful newsletter and reflects well on their brand and their work. Well done, Brian and Cog!

Designed by Cog Design
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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  • Søren Sprogø
    2nd May

    I love the short bio to the left. But how does that left column scale on a mobile? Is it responsive?
    Would love to see an example of this newsletter on fx. an iPhone or Android.

  • Ohio Web Design
    3rd May

    Its a great looking design even if it is a fixed dimension.

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    4th May

    Hi there Søren, this isn’t a responsive email design. However, the code is fairly bulletproof from an CSS support perspective, so it’s likely going to look good across a range of devices.

  • Nessa
    30th May

    Looks good. I view emails well on my smart phone. As long as the width isn’t too wide (about 600-650px), it’s quite legible.

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