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Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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  • Pierce
    17th August

    Looks good but I don’t understand how they have done the button in Canvas.

    I know they have used an image (annoying canvas doesn’t allow for custom html buttons) but whenever I try to add a button image to my canvas template it gets scaled to full-width (so completely oversized except on mobiles). This one seems to be fixed width.

    Any ideas?

  • Pierce
    17th August

    I’ve figured it out. It will display the image at max size 100% and I was using a large image of a button so it was scaling it to full width. Using a smaller image solved the issues.

    Still annoying to have to use images for custom buttons though. Particularly from the company that produces this - http://buttons.cm I kno.w you guys are working on updates to make Canvas more flexible but any ideas on timing? Are we talking weeks/months/years?

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    18th August

    Hi Pierce, to clarify, this email newsletter was not built in Canvas. From my knowledge, the good folks at Realmac coded it from scratch - and used image for the button (as you can see).

    So, we are currently working on Canvas and so I’ll expect you’ll hear about a couple of useful updates in the weeks and months ahead. That said, could you kindly give us a better idea of what you would like to see done with buttons? Would you like to have more control over uploaded images, change the color / size of our buttons, or add snippets of custom code instead? Let us know and we’ll certainly keep you updated on how your suggestions fit in with our plans for Canvas. :)

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