Coda 2 Clip for Campaign Monitor Email Templates

If you use Panic's Coda web development software to build your email newsletters, these shortcuts may come in handy.

This clip for Coda makes it easy to insert snippets of Campaign Monitor template tag code into your HTML emails. Simply download the clip, fire up Coda and add the clip's handy shortcuts to your code as you please. These shortcuts will be automatically converted to template tags within Coda.

This clip has been updated to include the latest set of tags for use with the email editor, including tags for social sharing and RSS-to-email.

Installing the clip

To get started, simply download the clip and open it. If you haven't started Coda already, the clip will fire it up and add itself to the app. To view your clips, go to 'View > Sidebar > Clips'.

Using the clip

To view the contents of your clip and use the shortcuts therein, go to 'View > Sidebar > Clips'. By clicking the 'i' button to the right of the clip, you can view the shortcut for each included Campaign Monitor template tag. For example:

  • cm-webversion [tab key] = <webversion>your content here</webversion>
  • cm-tweet [tab key] = <tweet via="buzzusborne" recommend="campaignmonitor"> <img src="" />
  • cm-rsstitle [tab key] = <rsstitle tocitem />

Using Coda, you can modify or append these shortcuts as you see fit.

Many thanks to Carissa for creating this excellent clip - hopefully it will also save you considerable time and effort when creating your HTML emails.

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