Our beautiful new iPhone app that lets you see who's joining your lists as it happens, watch your campaigns live with Worldview and add new subscribers when you're on the go. It's a completely new way to use Campaign Monitor.


Campaigns as they happen

See exactly what your subscribers are doing with your emails as they do it. Notice something interesting? Drill right down to any individual with a single tap and see your entire history with them. All the important stats are a tap away and always up to date.

Worldview, in your pocket

Watch in real-time as subscribers around the world open your emails, visit your site and share them on Facebook and Twitter. We'll show you where they are, what they do and who they are - it's completely addictive.

Meet your subscribers

At a glance we'll show you exactly who is joining your lists and when. Quickly see how your list is growing over time and how many new people have signed up since you last sent. Tap anyone to see where they are, what they look like and your complete history together.