Automate abandoned cart emails with one click.

Instantly see a lift in rescued purchases when you turn on premade abandoned cart automations in CM Commerce.

Complete the sale with intelligent discounts.

CM Commerce turns generic abandoned cart messages into truly personalized motivators. Create totally compelling emails that automatically include personalized discounts that change based on cart value or buyer status.

Remind them of what they’re missing out on.

Create the ultimate fear of missing out by including integrated reviews and ratings of the specific product they left in their cart. The best part—all of the work is done automatically and dynamically by CM Commerce.

Build trust and complete the sale with social proof.

Showing your customer what they’re missing out on doesn’t stop at ratings. CM Commerce can automatically include photos from reviews of the abandoned items, so buyers can hear directly from their peers.

"CM Commerce’s product ratings and reviews tool have been especially great. The CM Commerce team made it super-easy for us to use this social proof in our emails, which means that our abandoned cart recovery rate is almost 12%."

- Aron Schoenfeld, CEO at Cafe Joe USA

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