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There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing the email marketing service that’s right for you. We know it can be overwhelming to compare all of the possible features—from customer support to ease-of-use and everything in-between—and determine the ones that fit your unique needs and goals.

To bring clarity to your search, we’ve decided to explore one of the most common questions we receive: What’s the difference between Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor?

Together, we’ll walk through the key features of each product and provide helpful information that will allow you to compare them side by side. Our priority is connecting customers with the best product for their individual and business needs. Let’s get started!

Chapter 1

Feature Comparison: Constant Contact vs. Campaign Monitor

Chapter 2

Key Benefits: Constant Contact vs. Campaign Monitor

1. Real answers for your late-night (and around-the-clock) questions.

Constant Contact: Per the help section of their website, Constant Contact customer support is available by phone and live chat Monday-Thursday, 8 am-10 pm, and Friday, 8 am-9 pm EST. As for nights and weekends, it appears that limited support resources are available through community forums, but live support doesn’t return until weekday mornings.

Campaign Monitor: At Campaign Monitor, we understand that you don’t have control over when and how issues may arise, which is why we’re proud to offer live support 7 days a week, including 24-hour support Monday through Thursday. As a company with teams and customers all over the globe, you can rest assured that someone will be ready to assist you right away, regardless of your time zone.

2. Email that adds value, not creates headaches.

Constant Contact: If you’re working for a small nonprofit, it’s worth mentioning that Constant Contact is a great option for organizations that need an all-in-one solution. Additionally, this platform has some really unique features that can specifically enhance your fundraising strategy. With the ability to add a donation block to outgoing emails and create a landing page for secure payment processing, this product responds to the goals of many nonprofit organizations with fundraising needs. They even offer a discount for nonprofit organizations.

Campaign Monitor: While Campaign Monitor’s robust features can be customized to create success in any industry, we thrive in the areas of travel and hospitality, media and publishing, universities and nonprofits, and other retail businesses. Choosing an email marketing product with experience in your industry means you’ll spend less time explaining and more time implementing big ideas and checking things off your to-do list. Larger nonprofits often select Campaign Monitor because we have one of the top-rated Salesforce integrations, as well as the functionality of a professional email tool. Some of our top nonprofit clients include World Vision, the Canadian Red Cross, and Unicef New Zealand.

3. Design capabilities that support your big ideas.

Constant Contact: Constant Contact provides email templates to give customers a starting point for their own unique designs. However, many customer reviews note that these templates fall short of being helpful, as they are difficult to customize. We believe that you can tell when an email has been designed in Constant Contact. Some customers report the best work-around is to create and save their own templates, which can be limiting for users without a background in more advanced design and HTML skills.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor prides itself on providing designer-quality designs without compromising usability. Our easy to use drag-and-drop interface allows customers to maintain the integrity and standards of their business’ brand, even without extensive design knowledge. And yet, the capabilities provided still allow for endless customization, from beautiful templates to inserting dynamic content based on the email recipient. Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, Campaign Monitor makes it easy to create responsive, mobile-friendly emails your customers will love.

4. Find success, then scale it.

Constant Contact: Constant Contact is a good starting point for small businesses looking to begin email marketing for the first time. They provide email marketing seminars and training for small businesses, and the functionality holds up for those looking to maintain contact with their customers.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor allows your email strategy to grow with your company, offering a variety of ways to personalize emails and nurture customer relationships. Once you’ve created a strategy that works best for you and your business, we’re there to help you scale it, using automation and segmentation for maximized success. We also have a professional services team that can offer strategic advice, help with deliverability, or create customized email templates.

5. Choose a company with experience you can trust.

Constant Contact: The Constant Contact model is ideal for “batch-and-blast” email sends, meaning that it’s good for small businesses who want to send the same basic newsletter to all of their subscribers at once. Beyond that, customer reviews cite that customers can find it difficult to use additional features that are offered, citing slow loading and minimal support as barriers to success.

Campaign Monitor: With diverse needs, ideas, and goals, no two of your customers are the same, which is why Campaign Monitor believes your emails shouldn’t be either. Providing the ability to visually design your customers’ journey, create list segments, and personalize each message, our product allows you to automate messages your customers will look forward to engaging with.

Chapter 8

Best fit for you: Constant Contact vs. Campaign Monitor

For small businesses looking for an introduction to email marketing, Constant Contact is a great option. It’s a reliable platform for newsletter creation, especially if you’re looking for pre-built templates and beginner tutorials.

For email marketers looking to scale their growth and treat their customers to a memorable inbox experience, Campaign Monitor equips you with tools for testing, personalization, and automation, allowing you to maximize ROI and business relationships. Combined with our support team and trusted deliverability, Campaign Monitor is the best option for taking the next step in driving engagement and revenue.

Are you a Constant Contact user looking to switch? It’s simple to switch from Constant Contact to Campaign Monitor. If you’re ready to walk toward confidence in email marketing, reach out and we’ll help you easily migrate your account.

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