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When you’re trying to decide which email service provider best fits your company’s email marketing goals, you have a lot to consider. After all, a lot of moving parts make up a successful email marketing program: deliverability, support, automation, segmentation, integrations, and the list keeps going.

It can be overwhelming.

We hear a lot from marketers and small businesses trying to decide between Campaign Monitor and GetResponse. In order to help you decide which ESP will suit your needs, we’ve gathered together everything you need to know in order to make the best decision for your company.

Let’s get started!

Chapter 1

Feature Comparison: GetResponse vs. Campaign Monitor

Feature comparison for GetResponse vs. Campaign Monitor

Chapter 2

Key Benefits: GetResponse vs. Campaign Monitor

1. Visual journeys for email marketers of any size.

GetResponse: The majority of GetResponse’s 350,000 customers are small businesses, but they also have big enterprise customers as well. However, according to their website, customers can only access more advanced packages if they pay for huge subscriber lists, which might not be a great fit for all small businesses.

They also offer the ability to build basic landing pages in their cheapest package, and customers can build advanced ones and even host webinars through their more expensive packages.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor allows you to set up not just your first campaign, but your entire email program with ease. It also has the capability to grow with you as your company and your email marketing needs grow, too. The unique visual journey designer makes automating your email marketing simple to take your basic email marketing to the next level and see next level results.

Additionally, the expert services team is available to partner with brands to help customers with account set up, deliverability, and beyond.

2. Use templates and drag-and-drop editors to craft beautiful emails.

GetResponse: With over 500 responsive email templates, GetResponse has a lot of great options to help you get started with email marketing. However, GetResponse doesn’t have a custom template language that enables users to create their own designs which can then be edited inside of GetResponse without having to touch any HTML.

Put more simply, you can’t code an email yourself and then edit it in the drag and drop environment. Instead, users have to choose one or the other.

Plus, according to online reviews, using their photo editor can be difficult and trying to rearrange images in the template can be time-consuming, making it easy to mix things up by accident.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor also offers responsive email templates as well as a drag-and-drop editor. However, customers who are comfortable coding also have the option to create their own email template using HTML code, then save their design as a template to customize within the drag-and-drop editor to create totally unique designs that are perfectly on brand. Users can create editable regions in fully custom email designs, allowing you—or someone else on your marketing team—to later edit that design within the Campaign Monitor editor without having to touch any code.

This capability means Campaign Monitor can be a great fit for email marketers just starting out as well as those who are growing, learning, and ready to take their email designs to the next level.

Customers can also insert dynamic content into their emails, ensuring every single person on their subscriber list receives the information that resonates with them the most. Customers can achieve this hyper-segmentation through integrations and custom fields that track how each subscriber interacts with various email campaigns, allowing them to place subscribers into smart segments. Since a lot of the Campaign Monitor app has been designed with small businesses in mind, even the most advanced features like engagement-based segments are easy to understand and use, regardless of a marketers experience with email.

3. Get the support you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

GetResponse: GetResponse offers email, phone, and live chat support. However, according to online reviews, customers often claim they’re unhappy with GetResponse’s slow response times and, while chat seems to be the most suggested means of communicating with support, some people don’t like the canned responses they receive through chat. Their offices and support staff are primarily located in the Northern Hemisphere, which can make it difficult to get in touch with them if you aren’t nearby.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor prides itself on its ability to connect customers with real live humans—not chatbots—when they’re looking for help. We’re also a global company with offices in the UK, Australia, and across the United States, which means you can connect with a human being at almost any time, regardless of where you’re located.

4. Deliverability experts to increase delivery rates and timeliness of your email marketing.

GetResponse: With a good reputation as an email service provider that’s been around awhile, GetResponse’s website claims a 99% deliverability rate. However, some customers have cited in reviews that they’ve gotten kicked out of GetResponse after just one send due to their bounce rates.

Campaign Monitor: Campaign Monitor offers a Deliverability Support package dedicated to improving customers’ deliverability in order to maximize their email campaigns’ performance. Experts will not only share best practices but also make recommendations specific to their customer’s individual needs.

In fact, customers often cite Campaign Monitor’s deliverability support as one of their favorite services the ESP provides. In addition, Campaign Monitor sends emails quickly: This means that once someone hits send, their emails will actually land in their subscribers’ inboxes quickly, meaning that important news arrives in front of readers when you expect it to.

5. Pay for what you need.

GetResponse: According to their website, GetResponse customers can only access more advanced packages if they pay for the capacity to send to much bigger lists. For instance, their Pro package that allows customers to build advanced landing pages and offer webinars is only available if you have a list size of 5,000 contacts.

Even if you don’t have a huge list, if you want deliverability consulting, you’ll have to pay for 100,000+ subscribers even if you only have 5,000.

Campaign Monitor: At Campaign Monitor, customers only pay for what they use. Except for the basic plan, packages are available to lists of any size, allowing customers to access premium features while still only paying for the number of subscribers that makes the most sense for them.

6. Advanced tracking to know exactly what your inspires your subscribers to act as well as what doesn’t.

GetResponse: GetResponse offers their customers a lot of options for advanced reporting. For instance, customers can see how their emails perform on desktop versus mobile devices, how subscribers share emails on social, how different campaigns compare to one another and more. However, some customers have reported issues with the reporting, from inaccurate reporting to trouble pulling reports.

Campaign Monitor: Analytics are key to constantly improving the performance of your email campaigns and tapping into the highest possible ROI for your email marketing program. Campaign Monitor offers a bird’s eye view into your email program’s overall performance. Data provides customers with actionable insights on how to improve their strategy, boost results, and drive serious revenue.

Campaign Monitor allows you to see real-time results for your email campaigns: bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rate, etc. Campaign Monitor even allows you to break these results down by region or by customer history. In addition, you can compare how your email program performs compared to other marketing channels your company uses.

Chapter 9

Best fit for you: GetResponse vs. Campaign Monitor

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use email marketing program that can offer integrations and advanced features as well as help you build and design landing pages, GetResponse can be a great fit for you. They offer solid templates to help any beginner hit the ground running when it comes to designing emails.

But if you’re looking for world-class support, payment options that fit not only your goals but your budget, deliverability, and design resources, Campaign Monitor can help you elevate your email marketing to the next level. Campaign Monitor’s easy to use features, hundreds of integrations, and understandable—and not overwhelming—analytics mean that anyone can establish an email marketing program that will grow with your company.

Are you a GetResponse user looking to switch? It is easy to switch from GetResponse to Campaign Monitor. If you’re ready to graduate to the next level of email marketing, reach out and we’ll show you how to easily migrate your account.

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