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We’ve outlined email marketing benchmarks for nonprofits based on our original research, taken from millions of Campaign Monitor campaigns.

Average email benchmarks for nonprofits

Average open rate: 20.39%

Open rate is the percent of opens out of the total delivered emails.

Open rates vary depending on subject lines and cadence.

Average bounce rate: 1.09%

Bounce rate is the percent of subscribers who didn’t receive your email.

Bounces are emails that can’t be delivered.

Average CTR: 2.66%

Click-through rate is the percent of recipients who opened and clicked on a link or image out of the total delivered emails.

CTR can show you what leads to the highest engagement.

Average CTOR: 12.99%

Click-to-open rate measures how many clicks came only from subscribers who opened an email.

CTOR measures how compelling your content is, since you know these subscribers decided to click through after opening.

Average unsubscribe rate: 0.17%

An unsubscribe occurs when a subscriber opts out of receiving more emails from you.

Your unsubscribe rate can illustrate what leads to a spike of unsubscribes.

Best days for email marketing

Highest email open rates: Sunday

Highest click-through rates: Tuesday and Saturday

Highest click-to-open rates: Wednesday

Lowest bounce rates: Monday

Lowest unsubscribe rates: Monday

Worst days for email marketing

Lowest email open rates: Wednesday

Lowest click-through rates: Monday

Lowest click-to-open rates: Monday

Highest bounce rates: Wednesday

Highest unsubscribe rates: Friday

With this guide, you can easily measure where your nonprofit stands compared to the industry standards.

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