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For marketing purposes, few communication types are better than the email. It’s a simple but effective way to reach countless individuals for a variety of purposes.

Yet, in terms of marketing, all these purposes center around a few specific ends. Marketing email efforts are designed to bring traffic, leads, and, ultimately, revenue. The benefit of email marketing is that it is so versatile.

Many different email designs and variations can be used to achieve similar ends. Read on to learn the different types of marketing email ideas and how each can be useful.

What are the different types of marketing email and how to use them

Marketing emails come in many forms. This is why email marketing is such a broad term, as many different variations exist to choose from.

Knowing the differences between these emails helps marketers measure their success rates accurately. It also makes it easier to see which types are more effective for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Welcome emails

There’s nothing like a proper greeting to start a professional relationship. Welcome emails can be used for many things: thanking the subscriber for signing up, introducing them to the brand for the first time, or even extending a special offer specifically for newcomers.

Welcome emails are usually sent as a response to an opt-in or signup so that they can enjoy higher open rates than other marketing emails. The same could be said for click-through rates. While the average is around 3%, welcome messages may rank even higher.

Customer stories and testimonials

People feel comfortable doing what others have done, especially if there is proof it was a good idea. Some marketing emails are crafted solely around the success story of another customer. These testimonials can ease prospective buyers’ tensions and make them feel more confident moving forward.

Testimonials have many overlooked benefits including natural (non-marketing) language, learning opportunities, and even staff appreciation. Using these as marketing emails can provide many perks, no matter what product or service you’re offering.

Direct product/deal offers

In some cases, marketing email ideas are a little more focused on making an impression. However, it is also possible to create emails that get directly to the point of sale. These emails can be used to show off product catalogs or even individual products you think your subscribers may enjoy.

If you’re offering a special deal, especially one that is time sensitive, you can make that the focus of its own email. It’s a great way to make sure you get the most significant return from offering a sale.

59% of marketers see that most of their ROI comes from email.

Follow-up emails

This category is one that could be divided into multiple subcategories but, for simplicity, we’ll list them together. Follow-up emails can be used to answer questions, apologize for problems, or thank buyers after they’ve completed a transaction.

When you’re following up, it pays to use analytics to see which of your responses were actually opened and which facilitated click-through activity.

Does understanding the types of email marketing matter?

Each type of email has its place in the customer’s journey. Whether they’re just signing up, seeking a response, or even being offered a deal they’d love, the right email is critical for making sure the customer has the best experience.

While there are many other types of marketing emails out there, depending on how specific you want to be, these are some of the main types to focus on.

Wrap up

Marketing email ideas can come in many forms. However, it is wise to know how to use each one. Here are a few simple categories marketing emails can come in:

  • Simple communications (welcome, follow-up, thanks, etc.)
  • Sales (product advertisement, special deal promotion)
  • Informative (testimonial, event update, etc.)

When you understand the value of different marketing email types, you can find a place for each one in your email marketing strategy.

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