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Campaign Monitor 101

Getting Started With Campaign Monitor


It’s never been easier to start emailing your subscribers and engaging your audience.

In this video, we’ll cover a few of the basics in Campaign Monitor, and give you a framework for where to find specific resources as you dive into making your email unforgettable.

Once you’re finished with this video, we suggest signing up for a webinar at the top of this page, or viewing the next training video.

Regardless of whether you’re a brand new customer, or just want to brush up on email marketing best practices, we hope you find the next 30 minutes to be essential to your email strategy.

I’d like to get started with a quick round of intros. My name is Shireen and I’m the Head of Customer Experience for North America, as well as your host for this webinar. I’ll also be introducing Emily, our Professional Services Expert, who will appear in our training video.

Behind the scenes, I’m also joined by our Support, Deliverability and Compliance experts, to help address your questions via Zoom’s Q&A panel at the bottom of this webinar window.

First of all, this webinar’s objective is to familiarize you with Campaign Monitor’s most commonly-used features, and provide best practices that will help you maximize the return on your email marketing spend.

We’ll start by introducing you to some of the brands that use Campaign Monitor, then play a quick training video, outlining the basic steps to your first send. After the video, we’ll tell you about our amazing Support and Professional Services team, and finally, answer any questions you have for us, using the Zoom Q&A panel at the bottom of this webinar window.

First of all, Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular Email Service Providers in the world. We are here to help you create and deliver eye-catching emails that drive real business results – with our easy-to-use design, personalization, and automation tools.

In fact, more than 250,000 brands use Campaign Monitor to power their email marketing, across diverse verticals such as entertainment, publishing, non-profit and retail. We hope that we can share our experience and expertise, to help you engage your audience.

So, it’s time for a short training video, where we will review the steps leading up to your first email campaign send, as well as some helpful best practices.

In this video, we’ll dive right into the basics of the platform including list & subscriber management, creating an email campaign using our email builder, testing and sending campaigns and reviewing campaign reports. We also touch upon a few key email marketing best practices, including authenticating your domain, to ensure your emails are delivered.

So now we’ll switch over to Emily, who will dive straight into managing your email subscriber lists. Here we go.


Thank you, Emily. For more videos on powerful features such as dynamic content, email automation, and even how to use Google Analytics to track conversions from email, please visit

You’ll also find our Marketing Resources Hub, including our blog and detailed guides on email topics such as delivery best practices and mobile email design.

Alongside our library of great email marketing resources, we have an award-winning team of email marketing specialists, who can deliver a range of services to help you make the most of your email marketing.

For account support and general questions, you can contact our Customer Support team using our Help Center. You can access the Help Center by:

  • Clicking the help link in your account, or
  • Visiting

If you sign up for our Premier Plan, you can also take advantage of phone support and priority assistance.

Our Professional Services team can also help you reach your email goals, by providing tailored email marketing solutions. Whether it’s determining an email content plan leading up to an event, creating a new, on-brand email template, or pointing out opportunities to improve your delivery rates, our team can provide personalized solutions to fulfill your marketing needs.

After fulfilling the expert recommendations from our Professional Services team, our customers increase engagement by 10%, grow their base by 50% and increase their overall ROI by 20%, on average.

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