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Are your email campaigns getting lower click-through rates than you’d like?

If so, the problem could be the language you are using in your email copy.

To help you improve your email click-through rate and increase sales, we’ve teamed up with John Bonini, email expert at Litmus, to teach you how to write email copy that sells.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The 2 fundamental types of email copy and which one works best when it comes to selling products
  • How to use the right type of email copy in your campaigns to increase your click-through rate and sales
Duration: 30 minutes
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About the speakers

Aaron Beashel Campaign Monitor Aaron is on the marketing team at Campaign Monitor, a simple and elegant email marketing tool built for businesses.
John Bonini Litmus John serves as Growth Director at Litmus, an email testing and analytics software company helping marketers make email better.
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