Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening exactly?

We are performing scheduled maintenance on our platform to bring more speed and scalability to Campaign Monitor.

Will I be able to contact the support team during this time?

Of course! You’ll be able to access our Help Center and if you have any questions you can reach out to the team as well.

What happens to any campaigns set to send during the window?

If you have pre-scheduled any campaigns to send during the maintenance window, we advise re-scheduling them to a different time. If not, the campaigns will send as soon as the maintenance window is over.

What happens to my automated workflows?

Any emails that are triggered by automated workflows will be paused during the maintenance window and then sent out immediately after when the application is back online.

What happens to my transactional emails during this time?

Transactional emails sent via the API will be unavailable and emails using the SMTP gateway be delayed until the application is back online.

What will happen to campaign tracking data?

Tracking data will be queued in an offline system and be processed as soon as the application is back online.

What happens to integrations using the API?

Any processes or updates that occur from an integration that uses the Campaign Monitor API will be paused until the end of the maintenance window.

What effect does this have on my signup forms?

During the maintenance window, signup forms, landing pages, and subscribe buttons will be unavailable but back up as soon as the window is over.

What happens to my previously-sent campaigns?

If you’re using a custom domain, links in your sent campaigns won’t work for subscribers during the maintenance window. When the window is over, they’ll resume working. If you’re not using a custom domain, most links will work normally, however a small number may be affected during the maintenance window.