The Company

Vuture is established globally as a leading supplier of SaaS-based marketing technology for the professional services industry. We work with all of the Big Four consulting firms, three magic circle, and over fifty of the top 100 law firms in the UK and the US. We have offices in New York, Sydney, and London, along with clients in over 150 countries.

Vuture is in a phase of growth at the moment after securing circa 80 new clients last year bringing our total client base to almost 400. Our continued success has led to us being acquired by The Campaign Monitor Group (CM Group) of brands. CM Group leads the way in marketing technology globally and their brands include Campaign Monitor, CM Commerce, Delivra, Emma, Sailthru and Liveclicker. Their investment in Vuture has allowed us to develop and grow our technology function. We always take great pride in our work; we want to create and deliver well-designed and functional products in a friendly, collaborative manner, always caring for and respecting our clients. We are uniquely placed to create new products and expand the reach of existing ones within this niche sector.

The Product

Our software balances distribution of marketing activity with control. Using their own unique logins and permissions, a business development team could execute email campaigns, a realtor could create a microsite showcasing a single property, or a lawyer could host an event to engage and inspire clients. In each case, approval is requested from the Marketing team to ensure brand continuity and compliance.

We integrate with leading CRMs to automatically extract and update data; and, because our system was originally built as an easy to use CMS, each of our modules are extremely flexible and can be used by non-technical users. We supply a unique instance of software to each client, accessible by private Cloud. This is hosted in the country most appropriate to their data and legal requirements and is pre-fitted with the modules most relevant to their marketing needs across email, events and web.

With a flat hierarchy, we offer staff the opportunity to make immediate, noticeable impact on clients. Much of the technology has been developed because of a need we’ve identified that our clients have.

We have a huge range of ideas and initiatives for the future – from extending our unique CRM integrations, enhancing our BI and Data Warehouse reporting features, expanding our support for online events which have become the norm, and simplifying platform setup through one-click  automated deployment.

The Tech

As a software business, technology is of the utmost importance to us. Our core product uses a range of technology, including C# and ASP.NET MVC, and is hosted in a range of environments including the public Cloud (Azure and AWS), private Cloud, and dedicated client servers. We host most of our applications on Windows servers, however there is an increasing amount of Linux boxes starting to appear.

Each of our clients has a dedicated instance, and in order to be able to deploy code we have an automated CI/CD pipeline, which uses Git, Nexus, Jenkins, and Octopus. We have ELK clusters for logging. 

We use tools which are right for the job, always staying open to new technologies. We believe in automating as much of the development process as possible, building tools to allow engineers and testers to focus on doing their job. 

The Role

We currently have no dedicated Product Manager role in place. Until now our CTO, Tufan Unal, has led all product initiatives with the support from a small Product team and other key members of the business. Since becoming part of the Campaign Monitor Group we have had the opportunity to see the benefits of a more mature Product function and as a result we are looking to hire our first Senior Product Manager into the business to support us in setting this function up.  

One of your initial responsibilities will be to formalise the process by which business requirements are added to the backlog, prioritised and fed onto our roadmap to ensure we are being as effective as possible. Key to this will be driving the use of data and product analytics to decide the benefits/costs of the various requirements to ensure we are prioritizing correctly.

You will be working very closely with Tufan, however in time will gradually assume ownership of the Product roadmap. Once established it will be your responsibility to identify bottlenecks and potential issues that may arise from specific feature requests, being sure to manage or mitigate risk where possible. There will be times when you receive requirements from senior stakeholders - knowing when to accept them and when to push back is important. Confidence here will be key; we will be relying on you to ensure we are not wasting time fulfilling tasks that don’t benefit the user or that tie up the engineering team unnecessarily. 

As well as driving engineering activity, it will also be within your remit to gather and analyse product data from multiple sources, working to draw insight from users’ feedback, getting to the crux of why something is successful/unsuccessful. We understand that finding the perfect solution does not always happen the first time around, but we expect our Senior Product Manager to help us learn quickly and improve from past mistakes. You will also be able to get support and advice from Product Managers at the other CM Group brands 

Beyond this, you will be relied upon to be the voice of our Product, translating our vision, short, mid and long-term, to all relevant stakeholders, both internal and external. As we improve our offering, you will ensure necessary changes are delivered to the wider business so that teams are continually working in sync and at their optimum to realize our Product vision. 

Finally, in time you will play a key role in building and developing a Product team that really drives best practices. This will naturally present you with the opportunity to move into a Head of Product position whereby you will truly own the Product function, implement new processes and really put your stamp on our business!


What we need from you

First and foremost, you will have considerable experience seeing a product through multiple iterations. We are looking for someone who has owned an entire, or a significant portion of, a complex software application. 

It’s important you have experience managing feature requests from a diverse range of customers. Ideally, this will have been in a Software or SaaS company, but most importantly you will have developed a commercial mind-set and lean approach to product delivery that allows you to be successful in such an environment. 

You will be able to describe the last product you worked on in-depth from a commercial, functional and technical perspective, outlining the key challenges faced in bringing it to market and making it a success. 

Past experience will also demonstrate how you have made improvements to a modern, fast moving development function. Maybe you’ve tightened feedback loops or encouraged quicker iterations, regardless, you understand the necessity for this and strive toward manifesting this type of environment. 

You will have seen the success, and failure, of your work, assessed issues that have arisen and taken user feedback on board to improve. It is important you enter this role with experience quickly translating qualitative and quantitative input from multiple different sources into insight that keeps our priorities in line with what our users want. 

You will be experienced at gathering requirements and building relationships with stakeholders at all levels and translating them into clear user stories, whilst simultaneously managing expectations for each client, finding a balance between feasibility and meeting their needs. 

Finally, you will be proactive and hungry to get involved in a variety of tasks. We do not have fixed responsibilities at Vuture and expect anyone coming in to be open and happy to take responsibility for things outside their own remit in order to get things done.


What you’ll get from us

This is a fantastic position for any Senior Product Manager who wants to join a growing function and really be able to own it and put their stamp on it. Longer term, you will have the opportunity to become a Head of Product.

The role has lots of room to grow and evolve giving you the opportunity to be able to implement many different tools and processes. Working alongside our CTO you will be able to have full ownership over the strategy and tooling for this function. 

Alongside owning the strategy, you will have the chance to remain hands on whilst leading the existing team with the potential to grow the team in the future as we scale.

Vuture is a part of CM (Campaign Monitor) Group, who has the Martech industry’s largest family of email and multichannel marketing products. If you wished in the future there would also be the opportunity to move across and work for different businesses within CM Group.

Finally, we offer a generous package that includes a competitive salary, flexible work hours and unlimited holiday, an awesome work environment, paid time off for volunteering, private medical and dental benefits and many more! 


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