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Nonprofit email marketing is the fastest, most cost-effective way to maximize contributions, re-engage lapsed donors or drive attendance to your next event. And our industry-leading support team is here to help you succeed.

Nonprofit Email Marketing - UNICEF Nonprofit Email Marketing - Asthma Foundation Nonprofit Email Marketing - Amnesty International
Nonprofit Email Marketing - UNICEF
Raise more money.

Power your ongoing and emergency fundraising efforts quickly and easily. UNICEF relies on email marketing to connect with their donors and raise money for children's rights.

Nonprofit Email Marketing - Asthma Foundation
Re-engage past donors.

Rekindle relationships with lapsed donors. Remind them of your mission and the importance. The Asthma Foundation reaches out to past donors and inviting them to contribute again.

Nonprofit Email Marketing - Amnesty International
Send special invitations.

Make sure important events are on your donors' calendars. Amnesty International includes a clear 'register now' button to help increase attendance and impact their fundraising.

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Marketing automation keeps donors connected.

Foster ongoing engagement with our easy to use marketing automation. St. Jude’s Hospital tracks their donors’ contribution date and automatically sends an invitation to donate again after a certain length of time has passed.

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Nonprofit Australian Red Cross email marketing donation email

Measurement is key when every penny counts.

For every email you send, you get advanced testing tools and powerful email analytics so you can measure and optimize performance in real-time. From the second they hit send, The Red Cross is able to track the engagement and behavior of their email recipients around the globe.

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Integrations to help you connect with your donor base.

Donor information is vital to successful fundraising. We seamlessly integrate with several CRM and event platforms so you’ll have all the data you need to quickly send personalized, effective campaigns that drive donations.

And that's not the end, we work well with these platforms too.

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Email marketing is critical to successful nonprofit fundraising. So, if it's time to say goodbye to your clunky, unreliable ESP, say hello to Campaign Monitor.

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