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Email builder

Drag and drop your way to emails that work.

Easily create beautiful edge-to-edge emails that transport your guests into a vacation dream state. Your emails will be optimized for mobile every time, plus your entire team can work efficiently in one tool to save time and increase bookings.


Send personal emails and watch your revenue take off.

The best emails are helpful emails—ones that deliver personal offers, ideas, and opportunities. So if someone is an avid beach vacationer, you wouldn’t send them an email for a holiday in Alaska. So get personal to increase bookings and build loyalty.

Connect to all your apps

Integrate with leading CRM and loyalty platforms, plus use our signup forms so you can collect even more data and expand your loyalty program.

Smart segments and lists

You know your audience so send them content based on their interests and behavior, then the bookings will follow.

Dynamic content

Automatically deliver helpful 3rd-party advertising and recommendations based on preferences. Think “if you like ziplining, you’ll love parasailing” type of suggestions.

Campaign Monitor lets you easily create, send, and track amazing professional-grade emails that work.

Automated email marketing

The right offer to the right person. Right on.

Put your customer data into play, automate personalized and timely emails, and reap the rewards. Whether it’s reservation confirmations or VIP offers, make relevant suggestions “in the moment” and your travelers will be more likely to book.

Marketing automation

Create set-it-and-forget-it customer journeys that trigger after a hotel is booked, purchase is made, or guest becomes a VIP.

Transactional email

We have the highest deliverability standards so you can be confident your business-critical transactional emails will get where they need to be.

Send time optimization

Take advantage of learnings about deliverability including the best time for an email to land maximum engagement.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting to help you always be at the top of your game.

Get to know what’s working, and what could be working better, so you can think strategically and globally about your entire marketing program. Get tips on keeping your subscriber list “healthy” and you’ll get a comprehensive view into how your customers around the world are responding.

See this example of an automated journey created for travel pros — and keep your customers travelling back for more.

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99% customer satisfaction is a Campaign Monitor stat that speaks for itself. We offer expert strategies to help engagement and delivery around the clock and around the world. Because when you look good, we look good.

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The ultra-cool Drake Hotel generates both bookings and buzz with email marketing. From hotel stays to restaurant reservations to concert tickets—it’s one list everyone wants to be on.

61% increase in subscribers

Flight Centre uses email marketing and automation to bring exotic locales and amazing cities to life. They also offer incentives that keep customers travelling back for more.

11% increase in online bookings