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Campaign Monitor is built from the ground up for creative professionals. Manage all your clients from a single account and let them send campaigns at prices you set.

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Partnership discount

As an agency using Campaign Monitor, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all our pricing across the board. You'll also have early access to product announcements, so you're always a step ahead of your clients when we release new features.
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Set your own pricing

On top of allowing clients to create their own emails based on templates you design, you can also set the price they should pay to send their campaigns. Set your own prices above our base rates and earn a profit for every campaign your clients send. At the end of the month we'll send you the profit via PayPal.

Profit paid to agencies

$2505630879 Try our profit calculator
  1. Use your own currency

    Set pricing in your local currency. Right now we support US, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars, as well as the Euro and Pounds Sterling. See prices

  2. Per-client billing

    Not all clients are created equal. You can choose the currency, pricing and billing frequency that matches their sending habits and your bottom line.

  3. Flexible pricing

    It’s your call. Clients who send a lot can pay monthly and save big. Those that rarely send can stick to paying per campaign. Easily switch a client if their needs change.

Rebrand the interface

The entire Campaign Monitor interface can be modified to suit your own branding and our name is never mentioned in your client's account. Change the color scheme, add your own logo and even host it at your very own domain.

Manage teams and workflow

Campaign Monitor grows effortlessly with you and your clients. We support unlimited teams and team sizes, each with flexible levels of permissions and full workflow control that makes it easy for companies of all shapes and sizes to collaborate on their email marketing.
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Our Template Language

With a few simple tags you can turn any web page into a flexible, re-usable email template. Our template language makes it easy for anyone with HTML experience to roll beautiful, flexible email templates that anyone can update in our editor.

Build your own Our easy-to-follow docs will walk you through the process of building your first email template

Rock-solid infrastructure

The world's most respected agencies and brands rely on the Campaign Monitor platform to deliver complex campaigns to their customers. Our cloud-based tools are both secure and reliable boasting 99.9% uptime backed by 24 hour customer support.
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Totally Private Label

Use our software as your own product. Campaign Monitor is never mentioned, not even in the billing process. Add your own brand, URL, and it’ll be like your own app.


Log In from your Own Site

Host your account at your own sub-domain, we’ll even use it for your email link tracking. Your clients can even log into their account from your own web site. Take the integration further with our powerful API.

With 100+ features, there’s a lot to love. See them all.

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