The Top 100 Email Campaigns of 2016.

Get inspired by the best of the best in email marketing for 2016.


Email Marketing Predictions for 2017.

No crystal ball, no fortune telling—just visionary thinking from industry experts.


7 email marketing strategy challenges.

There are many challenges when it comes to executing a well thought out email marketing strategy. We explore 7 common challenges.


How marketing automation stacks up.

We surveyed hundreds of marketers from fast-growing small and mid-size companies. Check out the findings and see what marketers really want from marketing automation.


Marketing automation for B2B vs. B2C.

Revenue—it’s the holy grail for every business. Learn how marketing automation can benefit your business regardless of your audience.


The new rules of email marketing.

It’s a new era, one in which email marketing is more powerful than ever before. Modern marketers need to live and breathe these 5 new rules of email marketing.


Become an email marketing pro

Whether you’re an email marketing novice, or well on your way to becoming an expert, our library of email marketing resources will turn you into a skilled emailer in no time.

Why Email Marketing Learn the 7 reasons why email is the most effective channel marketers can use to drive sales & revenue. READ NOW
Getting Started with Email Marketing Learn how to get started with email by building your list, sending your first campaign and measuring the results. READ NOW
Getting Started with Customer Journeys Learn what marketing automation is and see the 5 automated emails you can start sending today to grow your business. READ NOW
Email List Building Learn the 2-step process for building your email list and get the tools you need to build a massive list. READ NOW
Understanding Email Laws and Regulations Learn the laws guiding the use of email marketing and get actionable tips you can use today to ensure your campaigns stay on the right side of the law. READ NOW
Writing a High-Performing Email We’ll share 5 tips to writing a high-performing email campaign that will drive clicks, opens, and business revenue. READ NOW
Design High-Performing Email Campaigns Learn the 4 principles of high-converting email campaigns and get free resources to help you send an effective email campaign today. READ NOW
Email Marketing in the Mobile Era Learn how to build beautiful, professional emails that look great on the devices your audience is reading them on in today’s mobile era. READ NOW
Avoiding Spam Filters As an email marketer, getting your email past the spam filter and into the inbox is paramount. Let us show you how. READ NOW
Email Campaign Reporting In this guide, we'll outline why reporting on your email campaigns is important, show you the metrics you should care about, and give you resources to improve your results. READ NOW
Personalize Your Email Campaigns Learn how to personalize your email marketing campaigns to help increase your email open and click-through rates. READ NOW
Email Automation Emails that are personalized, timely and relevant are proven to be more effective. Learn how to setup automated email marketing at your company. READ NOW
A/B Test Your Email Campaigns Learn how to A/B test your email campaigns and get ideas for tests you can start running today to increase opens and click-throughs. READ NOW
Email Localization Speak the same language as your subscribers by localizing your email content. Check out this guide for practical tips to make it happen. READ NOW
Integrating Your Email with Other Apps Learn how integrating your email marketing solution with your other business apps can enable you to deliver even more effective email campaigns. READ NOW
Transactional Email for Marketers Learn more about Transactional Email and discover the massive opportunity it presents to marketing organizations. READ NOW
Better Marketing with Beautiful Design READ NOW

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