Segmentation and personalization

The right message, the right person, the right time.

Emails are most powerful when they’re relevant. Use the data you have on your customers to send personalized campaigns. Figure out what you want your subscribers to do, like signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase, then segment accordingly.

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Business apps

Personalization, powered by customer data.

Integrate your business apps all in one place to create data-driven segments—like shoppers with abandoned carts, or by location, or churned customers. This way you'll speak to each subscriber in a more 1:1 way, making it much more likely they’ll take action.


Test, revise, and test again to learn what works best.

These days, and with the right platform, you can test almost anything—from subject lines, images and messaging to CTA buttons, send times, even message length. You can send, learn, and polish to create the most successful emails ever.

CAMPAIGN: WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK Jan 25, 2017 82% opens 290,123 9% clicks 32,123 2.2% shares 1,003

Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional, email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Timing features

Timing is everything.

The time an email is delivered is almost as important as the message it communicates. Consider your audience, the product being sold, and the time of day it gets delivered. For example, donuts are best in the morning so send your email early and your audience will be more inclined to act.

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Marketing automation

Drive more revenue, automatically.

Easily create customer journeys that are personal and effective with our easy-to-use visual journey designer. You set the “triggers” once, then an email is automatically generated when a customer engages with your brand based on the criteria you set.

320% more revenue is generated by automated emails than non-automated emails.
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Email marketing with Campaign Monitor—smart, strategic, sophisticated.

The best email service provider is the one that works for you in terms of price, service, and scalability. Campaign Monitor offers features including marketing automation, testing and analytics, integrations and personalization so you can create business communications that drive results.

Email marketing examples - Birchbox, Flume, Chatbooks.

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