How Sitepoint lifted their email click-through rate by 16% in one day

Could your email newsletters do with a boost? Adam Roberts at Sitepoint walked us through the process of redesigning their ultra-minimal templates - and along the way, showed us how even small changes can have a large impact on your campaign results. You’ll be sure to find inspiration for your next A/B test, too!

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Where to position key messages in your email marketing campaigns to get them noticed and remembered

Have you ever thought about the positioning of your key messages in email campaigns? Should they be at the top to attract attention, or at the bottom so they are the last thing a reader sees? In this article, we present some research on how people remember content and where you should position the key messages in your email marketing campaigns to ensure they get noticed and remembered.

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This little known copywriting formula will increase your email click-through rate

Is your email click-through rate lower than you’d like? It’s a rhetorical question, of course. Every marketer wants better click-through rates on their emails. More clicks means more traffic, and more traffic means more revenue. Lucky for you, we've uncovered a little known copywriting formula you can use in your next email campaign to increase conversions and generate more leads and sales.

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6 steps to coding bulletproof email templates

What’s your workflow for transforming mock designs into rock-solid email newsletters? Here’s a look at the tools and workflow we used to bring the Canvas templates to life and looking good on both desktop and mobile email clients.

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Email Marketing vs Social Media: Are you focusing on the wrong channel?

With the ability for your Facebook posts to reach your followers declining and email marketing proving to have a 4300% ROI according to the Direct Marketing Institute, we’re asking whether you are missing out on revenue by focusing too much of your time and effort on social media?

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