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Inspire action and increase engagement with Marigold Liveclicker Express

How open-time personalization provides a boost to your marketing. Inboxes are jam-packed these days and…

6 minute read time

4 ways to elevate your campaigns with Marigold Liveclicker Express*

In a fast-paced world of non-stop notifications and overflowing inboxes, content can go stale -…

4 minute read time

How to Drive Loyalty with Your Messaging Strategy

Close your eyes and take a moment to think about your favorite brands. What do…

7 minute read time

8 Types of Email Content to Send Your Audience

No more stale emails. Here are 8 types of email content to refresh your strategy….

2 minute read time

Are non-human machine clicks affecting your email marketing efforts?

Have you noticed an unexpected increase in opens within your email campaigns? Or more unusual…

3 minute read time

AI Best Practices Guide

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the marketing landscape as we know it. From…

3 minute read time

Create more content in less time with AI Writer

There have been many conversations on the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over these last…

4 minute read time

Where Do I Start With Generative AI?

Where Do I Start With Generative AI? Over the last six to eight months, Generative…

9 minute read time

Tips to Level Up Your Email Design – Q&A with Noelle and Meghan

How to level up your email design Tips from Marigold Art Directors – Noelle Grimes…

5 minute read time

5 Tips to Overcome Email Send Anxiety

Email sending anxiety is all too common, and it may seem difficult to overcome. Check…

3 minute read time

5 Gen Z Stats Marketers Need To Know

The purchasing power and influence of Generation Z consumers are on the rise. As marketers,…

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Unleashing the Power of Email Testing: The Metrics Marketers Need to Know

For email marketers, success hinges on the ability to measure, analyze and optimize campaigns effectively.…

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