Get personal.

Personalization is the next big thing in email marketing. It’s the idea of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time — and making content, suggestions, promotions, and articles more relevant to your consumer based on what you know about them. It’s like an email marketing secret weapon, and your ticket to increased revenue.

TWEET THI S Personalized emails get a 26% higher open rate.

Segmentation, aka finding common ground.

In a nut, this is basically grouping customers of like mind based on interests, purchase history and browsing behavior. It’s tailoring your message to these specific segments, and as your list grows and your customers become more diverse, you in turn, can get more granular with your message.

TWEET THI S Segmented campaigns drive a 760% increase in revenue.

Be dynamic.

Dynamic content is delivering relevant messaging to different segments within your subscriber list, all in a single campaign. Let’s say you’re announcing a new clothing line—you’ll want men to see the nicely cut suits and power ties, and the women to see the business dresses and sparkly jewels, and not the other way around. So say goodbye to one-size fits all email marketing.


Don't wait. Automate.

So now you’re creating, segmenting and personalizing. With all that email marketing there’s no more time to actually run your business. Enter automation to save the day. Email automation is when you set up specific “customer journeys” that automatically trigger a relevant email to your consumer based on behavior — for example, when someone signs up for a newsletter.


Lights, camera, call to action.

There is so much clutter out there in the marketplace so never take for granted that someone has seen your CTA. Make it obvious, give it ample visual love. Make sure your reader knows what you want them to do. And testing CTAs is always a best practice so you can see what performs best for your audience.

TWEET THI S Content that is “above the fold” gets 84% more attention than if it’s below the fold so put your CTA above the fold.

Data makes the world go ‘round.

It’s impossible to send the right message to the right person if you have the wrong data. So connect your email service provider, Campaign Monitor for example, to your other business systems. There’s so many platforms that can work together to sync your data available in the app store. Real world example: if you connect to an online store, use that data to send a targeted email to your big spenders. Genius!


Testing, 1, 2, 3 testing.

You’ll never know what performs best for your brand without a little A/B testing. Send one email to a percentage of your list and another, altered email on the same topic to the remaining subscribers. Keep testing variations: test the subject line (see if adding your subscriber’s name helps), test the From Name (from “RipCurl” or “Your Friends at RipCurl”), or even the content itself (more copy vs less copy). Then start creating some best practices of your own.


Design for mobile, or die.

Well, maybe not that dramatic but in today’s on-the-go digital world people are acting and interacting with their smartphones and tablets at an explosive rate. You’ve got to make sure your email looks awesome on all screens which is what a top-notch, professional-grade email service provider like Campaign Monitor is designed for.

TWEET THI S In 2016 open rates on mobile devices grew to 68%.

Everyone likes a promotion.

Keep the people coming back for more because return customers are the best customers of all. Use incentives in your subject lines—talk about sales, or discounts or new products. There’s a lot of clutter out there in the marketplace and you’ve got to give someone a reason to open your email.

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