Drag-and-drop builder, plus templates

Modern email marketing software provides an easy way to create beautifully branded emails. Save time by starting with a variety of pre-built, mobile ready templates. Use an easy-to-use builder to tweak to your brand's guidelines, no coding required.


List growth and signup forms

Successful email marketers know that bigger isn’t always better. Grow your audience in meaningful ways with people who are actively interested in what you are saying. Consider using a platform with native signup forms for your website, or in-person, to capture customer emails and reach more people.

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Apps and integrations

Apps and integrations can help you grow your audience by pulling in rich customer data that you can turnaround and use in your targeted emails. Your apps can give you a ton of valuable customer insights including purchase history, demographics, preferences and more.


Segmentation and personalization

Segmentation is the first step to hyper-targeted emails. Slice up your subscriber list into common groupings and suggest products and services accordingly. Start segmenting by gender, then get more granular from there by including past purchases and VIP segments. Personalize your email and you’ll have even more success.

Or, the subscribers of:

A/B testing

With the right email marketing software you can test anything—subject lines, images, messaging, CTA buttons, send times, even message length. If you can see what’s working for your audience you can learn from there, and polish, to create the most successful emails ever.


Campaign Monitor gives you everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional, email marketing campaigns to grow your business.


Reporting and analytics

The most powerful email marketers are highly strategic and analyze data over days, months and years to truly understand their click throughs, click-to-open rates and overall engagement trends. Look for a detailed set of dashboards that translate this information into actionable insights.


Marketing automation

Consider this “set-it-and-forget-it” technology. Create a personalized customer journey based on actions your subscribers take - like signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. These actions trigger additional and highly relevant emails to keep the customer engaged over time.

Email automation condition

24/7 support

Support is critical even with the best email marketing software providers. Think about the kind of support and communication you’ll be most comfortable with. Do you anticipate needing basic tech support or more strategic guidance? Choose a provider that will give you the kind of help you need, on the channels you prefer, to hit your email marketing goals.

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It’s not just about sending, it’s about receiving. Deliverability means that your email actually reaches the inbox without any blockers. Partner with a provider that understands deliverability best practices so you can be sure the max number of people see your campaign.


Options for developers

Drag-and-drop email marketing for the DIY marketer is a beautiful thing, but some marketing teams have developers who can code HTML emails. If this is an option for you, select a platform that provides this capability and will support your developer with the resources to do so.

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The best email marketing software is the one that works for your business. Look for the features and capabilities you need to execute your perfect strategy. Campaign Monitor offers everything companies need to get the word out to the right customers, and to exceed your sales goals. So grow your business with email marketing from Campaign Monitor.

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