Behavioral customer data

All your data, all in one place.

Your customers and prospects are doing everything online, and they’re leaving a big digital footprint. Capture and organize all these activities in one place to send relevant messages that resonate.

Name:Sarah Brown Location:London, UK Lifetime Value:$3,910 Last Activity:Last week Last Event:Shared post Channel:Facebook
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Name:Kate Summer Location:New York, USA Lifetime Value:$4,897 Last activity:2 days ago Last Event:Abandoned Cart Channel:Shopify
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Name:Kieran Williams Location:Oakland, USA Lifetime value:$1,210 Last activity:2 months ago Last event:Opened email Channel:Campaign Monitor
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Advanced segmentation

Send more targeted messages than ever before.

With a complete customer profile you can create highly targeted segments based on behavior, frequency of engagement and other inferred interests. Say you’re a jewelry retailer, you’ll see your VIP spenders who’ve searched bracelets in the last 30 days but haven’t bought. Send them a discount for your best-selling bracelet to make their decision easier.

Personalized customer journeys

Engage in one-to-one customer relationships.

The more you know your customer, the easier it is to reach them with relevant messaging. This kind of behavioral data lets you create customer journeys that speak to customers at every stage of the consumer lifecycle—from consideration to purchase to VIP status.

Kate Summer Location:New York, USA
Spent more than $1000 in the last 90 days
Did Kate register with VIP Club?
Did Kate purchase?

Conversion reporting

Measure your impact with powerful analytics.

Opens and click rates are useful, but don’t tell the full story. Conversion reporting lets you see what your subscriber does after they click on your email. Do they engage and how long? Do they make a purchase, click a link, visit your blog? The more you know the more effective you can make your marketing.

DELIVERY RATE 99.8% 354, 803 delivered + 1.0% OPEN RATE 40.3% 44,464 opened + 5.0% CLICK RATE 23.81% 10,347 clicked + 5.2% CONVERSION RATE 4.3% 1,342 converted + 2.1% REVENUE GENERATED $409,640 $410K + 1.8% Kate Summer Purchased “Fiji Chain Bracelet” March 5, 2017
Kate Summer Purchased “Fiji Chain Bracelet” March 5, 2017

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