Increase revenue with targeted and personalized email campaigns

Utilize your customers’ purchase details in Shopify to send email campaigns designed to drive traffic back to your online store. Here are a few ideas.

  • Entice your big spenders to spend even more Reward your customers who spend the most money with early access to new products and exclusive offers - as Tolly & McRae has done with its Winter exclusive - that will entice them to keep spending.
  • Offer repeat customers another purchase opportunity Recognize and reward customers who buy repeatedly with promotions that will keep them coming back time and again, as does by offering current customers a discount on their fruit boquets.
  • Welcome every website signup Collect email addresses on your website and convert them into paying customers by automatically sending a welcome email with a discount code for their first purchase.

Connect Campaign Monitor and Shopify in 30 seconds

Bring your customer data from Shopify right into Campaign Monitor in just a few clicks.

High spending customers 5,305
Repeat customers 7,432
First time customers 10,253
Newsletter subscribers 9,209

Out-of-the-box segments

The moment you connect Campaign Monitor to Shopify, you’ll find a series of pre-built segments in your list, which enable you to target your email campaigns based on specific purchase criteria.

Seamless data sync

Setup the integration once, then watch your customer’s Shopify activity flow seamlessly into Campaign Monitor. Define the parameters of your segments, and subscribers will be added the moment they meet the criteria you define.

Shopify Integration - Grow Your Email List - Topshop

Grow your email list with signup forms

Choose from 4 different signup forms - lightbox, bar style, embedded form, and slideout - and collect the email addresses of your website visitors. Send targeted email campaigns to turn these subscribers into paying customers.

Build every email campaign with ease

Our library of pre-built templates and drag-and-drop email builder makes it incredibly easy to build, professional email marketing campaigns in the matter of minutes - without a single line of code.

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