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Email marketing and email campaigns provide businesses plenty of opportunities to reach out to their subscribers and let readers know what is going on within the brand.

While most email campaigns are designed with the consumer in mind, how does a business promote their brand through email marketing?

There is a fine line that email marketing teams need to walk when it comes to promoting the business, because most subscribers are opting in to these emails for their benefit, not the business.

However, while it may be a thin line, it’s not a complicated one to walk.

How to promote your business through email marketing

When working to provide relevant and personalized messages to your subscribers, some days it might include “how to” articles and, others, it will be an update on what is going on within the business.

Promoting your business through email marketing isn’t as invasive as it sounds. These subscribers have opted in to receive these marketing materials and, as long as you are designing materials with the consumer in mind, it is perfectly acceptable to send updated offers to them.

Consider this example from MacPaw.

A promotional email from MacPaw

Source: Really Good Emails

This is an excellent example of business promotional material that is promoting the business as well as providing subscribers with valuable information.

Users get to see what the latest updates are, then have the opportunities to “Learn More,” and can even give the company feedback on the information, thanks to the “Was this release interesting?” rating at the bottom.

MacPaw is promoting their update without coming off salesy and offering their users the opportunity to browse the update on their own time. From there, subscribers have plenty of chances to see what else is available to them through the brand’s website.

How to measure your email marketing efforts

When promoting and monitoring your business, brands need to focus their attention to their overall return on investment (ROI), and having the proper analytic tools to monitor critical metrics makes all the difference when determining the success of your email marketing efforts.

Metrics to monitor to help grow your business

While there are plenty of metrics that a business should be monitoring to gauge the success of their marketing efforts, we’ve listed a few of the more crucial ones below:

  • Open Rate: The percentage of total number of subscribers who have opened an email campaign
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Measures the number of people that clicked on a link, CTA, or image in a particular email within a campaign
  • Click to Open Rate (CTOR) : Compares the total number of unique clicks and unique number of opens, which indicates how effectively an email message has performed
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of your subscribers who complete a “goal action,” such as making a purchase

Does email marketing really matter?

Email marketing matters, especially in the digital era.

Email marketing helps to promote your business locally, as well as globally. By creating personalized email campaigns for your subscribers, you’ll be delivering what they want regularly.

This helps to keep your brand relevant in their minds. If done correctly, they will continue to return to your business in the future and refer you to others.

What now?

Now it’s time to start working on creating an effective marketing plan, and we can help.


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