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Have you ever been faced with the challenge of creating an email from scratch? Writing HTML code can be intimidating for novices and, if done incorrectly, can appear disorganized to your subscribers. 

Whether you’re new to email marketing or a veteran, using the right email template can make all the difference in getting your subscribers to engage with your brand. Not only do they help entertain your audience, but they also help save you time by standardizing your design. 

Let’s take a look at what email templates are and how you can use them to elevate your email marketing strategy.

What are email templates?

Email templates are pre-built layouts that may contain elements like images, text, layout, and styling. Typically designed in HTML and CSS within an email marketing platform, you can use a template as the base of your email and apply your brand standards afterward. While many elements are pre-built, you still can make changes and edit as needed to the original template. 

Templates offer you extended flexibility; you can use them for one-off emails or integrate them within your drip campaigns. Depending on your skill level, you have a few different options for using email templates:

While each email template variation has its requirements, they allow you to tie your brand into reusable emails for multiple campaigns.

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Source: Campaign Monitor

How to use email templates

Now that you understand what email templates are, you need to put your knowledge into practice. Once you choose your target audience and email type—welcome, transactional, newsletter, etc.—you need to select a template that’s easy to work with to deliver a memorable experience. 

To develop impactful email template designs, you need to include:

  • A strong CTA that drives website traffic
  • Your brand standards, logo, and contact information
  • Social media links that grow your online community
  • A mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Engaging email content

Edit your template as needed to fit your theme and end goal. 

How to measure the success of email templates

Measuring the performance of your email templates is an integral part of developing future successful campaigns. The best email template design means nothing if you aren’t meeting your original goals. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or promote brand awareness, consider the following metrics to determine the success of your email template:

  • Click-through rate: the percentage of subscribers who clicked a link in your email
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of subscribers who completed an action, like filling out a form or purchasing a product
  • Email sharing: the percentage of email recipients who shared or forwarded the email
  • Unsubscribe rate: the percentage of recipients who opted out of your emails

Does it really matter?

Your template makes all the difference in getting your email clicked or sent to the dreaded trash folder. With consumers receiving hundreds of emails per day, your email template helps your design and content stand out, as well as make a lasting impression on your subscribers. The more value and entertainment your template can deliver, the more likely that subscriber is to open your brand’s future correspondence.

The average American office worker receives 126 emails per day.

When selecting an email template, choose a layout and design that creates a positive user experience and drives action to your objective. Whether it includes interactive elements or is plain text, stay true to your brand to build long-lasting relationships with your audience.

What now?

While pouring over an email made from scratch can take hours, you can create an impactful design in less than 60 seconds with email templates. With plenty of design options to choose from, creating an email campaign that fits within your audience’s needs is a welcomed reality for savvy digital marketers.

When developing your email campaign, your template should:

  • Drive subscribers to your website
  • Capture attention with an eye-catching design
  • Focus on your target audience and goals

Ready to get started with email templates? Browse Campaign Monitor’s library of extensive layouts to choose from.

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