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In marketing, anything that can give you a competitive advantage is crucial to the success of your brand. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of buzzwords that get thrown out. How can you know which terms actually matter? An “email journey” is far more than your average buzzword. Email journeys can revolutionize your email marketing.

An email journey pertains to using automation to send out emails when the customer sets off specific triggers. The advantage is you can set up a journey that targets subscribers exactly where they are and when they need the content you send.

You only have to design the email journey once and you know that everyone who needs your emails will get them.

What is an email journey?

“Email journey” is another way to say “customer journey.” The concept of a customer journey is that your leads can be gradually and continuously nurtured with targeted emails that are sent whenever they set off specific triggers.

For example, the customer journey typically starts with the initial email. Whether it’s a letter of inquiry from a customer or the first promotional email sent to a lead, the journey begins here.

Then, these subscribers receive the next emails in the journey after a certain amount of time has passed or they hit another established trigger.

Email journeys are, essentially, a part of customer journeys. An email journey is an automated process that’s designed to handle the onboarding of new customers, as well as keeping these customers engaged.

Implementing email journeys

Keep in mind that email journeys are based on the activation of certain triggers. These triggers can range from specific dates, like holidays, or subscriber activity. The concept allows you to send content out at the right time.

You can implement email journeys by using Campaign Monitor’s journey creation tools. Start the process by pulling up “Automation” under your account and hitting “Create a new journey.”

From here, you’ll start designing the email journey. You’ll do this by naming the journey and then adding steps to it.

How to measure the success of email journeys

You don’t have to worry about learning any more fancy metrics: Measuring the success of email journeys uses the same metrics that are standard to email marketing such as click-through, open, and bounce rates, as well as subscribe and unsubscribe rates.

Taken together, these metrics can give you an idea of how well your emails are doing. The most important thing is to compare the stats against the numbers from before you started implementing email journeys.

There are many triggers to choose from when designing email journeys. Among these are criteria like when a subscriber joins a new list, enters, or departs from a segment. These triggers can be put to use when planning automated emails to be sent in response to your subscribers’ activities.

Does it really matter?

Email journeys can help shape customer experiences, making them one of the most critical email marketing tools for your brand.

There’s simply no reason not to implement email journeys using Campaign Monitor’s technology. While sophisticated in design, the tool is refreshingly simple.

For example, there are only three options in designing a step:

  • Delay
  • Condition
  • Email

With the simplicity of use and overall efficacy, email journeys can play a crucial role in your email marketing campaigns.

What now?

Now that you know more about what email journeys are and how they can be used for the advancement of your brand, it’s time to use them to improve your email marketing activities.

You can learn more about customer journeys and how to direct them to increase your conversion rates with Campaign Monitor.

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